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April 2011

07.04.11 – added a new clip from “The Long Day’s Dying” to the Dialogue: Case Studies page.

09.04.11 – added a new article by Jonathan Coe on Book Adapt­a­tions to the  Film Studies: Articles post

16.04.11 – added new post Adapt­a­tion: an introduction

16.04.11 – added a clip from “Paper Moon” to Char­acter Models

21.04.11 – added new post Case study: Dr Zhivago

27.04.11 – added new post Case Study: The Master & Margarita

May 2011

30.05.11 – added a new film clip from “Colin’s Sand­wich”

June 2011

05.06.11 – replaced the post on ‘Textual Dynamics’ with “From script to screen”

August 2011

28.08.11 – added new post Case Study: Thelma and Louise, added new post Case Study: The Saint

September 2011

21.09.11 – added new post on Getting to grips with your story

October 2011

03.10.11 – added new video clips to The Role of The Screen­writer, added Weekly Program posts

10.10.11 – added Case Studies: Scare­crow, Dollars & White PipesAmerica, AmericaO Lucky Man, Zee & Co, Zorba The Greek

23.10.11 – added Case Studies: Shame, All About Eve, Sunset Boulevard, Five Easy Pieces, The Fisher King, As Good As It Gets.  Added docu­mentary clips on Billy Wilder and Terry Gilliam.

November 2011

01.11.11 – added Case Studies Once Upon A Time in America. Added extra scenes to The Pawn­broker and America, America. Added docu­mentary clips on Elia Kazan

October 2012

20.10.12 – added text to Villains and Monsters, Heroes & Anti-heroes, Dreams

21.10.12 – added new post for shorts online (admin access only)

22.10.12 – added genre pages for War, The Holo­caust and West­erns (awaiting public­a­tion) added text to Genre Film Noir

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