Welcome to Filmclass.co.uk.

I taught an intro­ductory screen­writing course for over two decades until I decided to give it up in 2019.

The material on this site repres­ents a teaching aid and an educa­tional resource. It evolved from paper handouts and VHS tapes to webpages, streamed video clips, and PDF files.

Pages are arranged by topic according to the shape of the course (see the Course Index links). There are also extensive case studies and genre pages (see Screen­writing in the top menu)

Please feel free to leave feed­back but be aware that I may not monitor the site on a regular basis.

 David Clough

Vimeo, the provider I use to host the video clips on this site, has recently changed their code for embed­ding clips on websites. This means many clips on here will no longer play until I change the code to their new formula. I am working on this in my spare time; but, as there are over 200 clips on this site, it will take some time to convert them all!

What you will find on this site

Prac­tical advice on aspects of screen­writing tech­nique including story devel­op­ment, writing char­ac­ters, struc­ture, outlines and treat­ments. Many illus­trated by case studies.
Prac­tical tutorials on how to format your script correctly plus tips on submis­sion and presentation.
Articles and essays on aspects of film study. Some
with case study illustrations.
Educa­tional resources, handouts and exer­cises used as part of my screen­writing course.

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