An Amer­ican Were­wolf in London 1981

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The Story

David (David Naughton) and Jack (Griffin Dunne) are Amer­ican students hiking in York­shire. Despite warn­ings from the locals not to go out after dark, they hike across the moors and are chased and attacked by a beast of some sort.  Jack is killed and David wakes up in the hospital with a bite wound to his shoulder. Jack’s spirit appears soon after to deliver the grim news that, unless he commits suicide, David will become a were­wolf when the moon is full. David dismisses this as an hallu­cin­a­tion but soon begins to notice strange things happening to him. When the moon is full, sure enough, he begins to transform …

David Clough ©2011

Read the photostory of An Amer­ican Were­wolf in London

Photost­ories tell the story of a film in strip-form, using stills. They were a feature of early film magazines. This one is taken from an eighties Orbis public­a­tion called The Movie.


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