Class handouts:

Here you will find a selec­tion of general handouts organ­ised by category. Some of these will  be included in the weekly program but may also be addi­tional or supplementary.

General handouts
Guardian Booklet: “How to write Plays & Screen­plays

A short but inform­ative booklet in PDF format (10.9 meg) which includes tutorials on screen­writing and playwriting.

“Screen­writers” (The Movie 1986) Article on early Holly­wood Screen­writers in the studio days

Inter­view with David Hare – ten page inter­view with Hare talking in depth about his work and the art of screenwriting

Sound Engin­eering for Film – fascin­ating profile of master engineer Skip Lievsay (Guardian article in PDF format)

Bad Writing by Toby Litt – a pointed diagnosis and warning against what makes writing self-indulgent. Read it and wince if you recog­nise your own (occa­sional) failings


On Directing Film” – short extract from David Mamet’s lecture published in “A Whore’s Profes­sion” (PDF)

An Officer and A Gentleman” – analysis of the Three Act Struc­ture (PDF)

The Myth Of The Three Act Struc­ture” by Alex Epstein – a welcome anti­dote to screen­writing theor­ists. (DOC)

Writing treat­ments
The Construc­tion of a Pitch” – article by Chris­topher Lock­hart on writing treat­ments (DOC)
Treat­ments” by Lucy Sher – useful article from Script­factory Magazine (DOC)


On Status – extract from Keith Johnstone’s book “Impro” on status in inter­ac­tions – essen­tial read (DOC)

On The Use of Stage and Acting Direc­tions” – although this is chiefly about writing plays, there are some comments that apply to film writing too. (DOC)

Sample short film scripts

Dragon” (PDF) is an 18 page short film script written for the BBC Directors Course.

Student Work

Scripts written by students avail­able for download


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