I’m often asked to recom­mend films in various categories. I’m not by habit a list-maker, so I imagine the lists here will evolve as new choices strike me or I suddenly remember a title I should have included.

These films are a purely personal choice and the lists given are not defin­itive by any means. Some of them are acknow­ledged clas­sics but quite a few are not well known or obvious choices – which is why they are worth recom­mending you hunt down.

Depending on the time I have, I will prob­ably add a few lines of descrip­tion to each name but in the mean­while you can always look them up in the Inter­na­tional Movie Data­base (www.imdb.com).

Italian Cinema
French Cinema
Czech Cinema
Polish Cinema
Russian Cinema
German Cinema
Swedish Cinema
Japanese Cinema

Vampire films
Western films
War films
Film Noir
Love Stories

Young men
The Holocaust

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